When you really take the time to read Microsoft's policies, the only big difference between their policy and Sony's policy, is that Microsoft will require an online connection at least once every 24 hours. This irks a lot of gamers for a variety of reasons. The consumer must have internet to play the Xbox One, games don't work without that 24 hour check-in period and it opens the door for publishers to push ridiculous DRM on their games — potentially crippling used games sales. Microsoft is pushing a mandatory online connection because some games will be utilizing Microsoft's huge cloud service to enhance the game experience — and from what I've seen, the innovations some developers have come up with using the cloud service look like amazing features. Microsoft also has additional features like letting online friends borrow digital copies and a family sharing plan. These are features Microsoft is not going to scrap, but the 24 hour check-in period is a hurdle many gamers just don't want to deal with.

I have the solution! With my idea the 24 hour check-in is still built into the system, HOWEVER, somewhere in the games or system settings could be a new feature.

  • All of your games are in a list, with a check box next to each game
  • In this checklist, the owner can go through his/her games and uncheck any game that he/she wishes
  • By unchecking a game, the Xbox One will no longer require that game to have a 24 hour check-in period
  • The owner will be able to access the checklist even without an online connection, in the event that internet is no longer available


An unchecked game can be played offline (although you must have the physical copy in your system to prove you still own it)!


The owner of an unchecked game can't play that game online (access multiplayer) until it's checked.


The owner also can't share that game to an online friend until its checked. Also, if the owner has multiple family members that have access to their game library, those family members can't access the unchecked game.


Each game comes with a unique key. When the physical copy of a game is installed on an Xbox One, the unique game key is transferred to "system A". If that game is installed onto another Xbox One, "system B", the unique game key is transferred between the systems, resulting in "system A" losing the ability to play that game.


With this solution consumers can play games offline and trade used games, and Microsoft can still have a 24 hour check-in period for their new system features.